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How is Lillian doing?

Lots of people have asked how my mother is getting on with her illness. Because I’d like to keep you all as up to date as I can, I thought that a great way to do that would be to post progress reports on her website.

A quick background…

Lillian complained of intestinal pain on Monday 21st July and saw her GP at home that lunchtime. Having examined her, her doctor advised her to go to the Royal Free Hospital outpatients with an overnight bag as they might ask her to stay in for observation.

I took her to hospital and checked her through the process. As part of the process, the hospital took an ECG. Seeing the ECG, they rushed her into a resuscitation room and began treating her for a cardiac condition, because the ECG revealed that she was not suffering with tummy pain, but was in fact having a heart attack.

She was then transferred to the Medical Assessment facility in the Royal Free where she was monitored for two days before moving to a general Cardiac ward for one night, after which she was moved to the Wellington Private Hospital for her comfort.

Throughout this time, her consultant was hoping that they would be able to manage the condition with medication. However, an Angiogram on Monday 28th July revealed that the main artery to her heart was so blocked up that they would need to carry out open heart surgery to bypass the blockage. His description was that there was just a pinhole letting blood through...

...For the rest of the story, and to see an archive of reports to date, click here


Wednesday 3rd September

Sorry for the news blackout, but I have been out of the country.

Mum is now back home in Hampstead. She is being looked after by a carer until her confidence comes back.

She is still making good progress and would welcome calls and visits (but do please telephone first).

This will be the last of these updates. I do hope that they have been useful to you, but at the same time, I hope not to have a reason to do this again! Thanks to those of you who have emailed me. It’s nice to know people are reading...


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